Kristallnacht to Dachau

Kristallnacht to Dachau



During Kristallnacht on november 10th 1938 the Gestapo arrested mistreated and transported Ernst Geiduschek together with 11,000 Jews of Vienna to Dachau concentrationcamp near München in Germany. His family managed to buy emigrationpapers for him to Canada while he struggled to survive the horrors of the camp.

This diary of Ernst Geiduschek was writen december 1940 in England.
He wrote: In memory of the sacrifice of November 10th 1938

When Ernst Geiduschek arrives in Engeland he was arrested agian, this time as an enemy alien and brought to the island of Mann where Germans stayed who lived in Engeland when WW2 started.

April 29th it is 70 years ago that the prisoners at Dachau concentrationcamp were liberated.

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Ernst Geiduschek