Photobook Dutch Marine

This book, although in Dutch, is first of all a photobook: 1.700 pictures of over 800 types of vehicles.

Hearing about de the Royal Dutch Navy (Koninklijke Nederlands Marine) the first word that comes to mind is ‘boats’, many boats. There will be few people who think about the vehicles that have to supply these boats. Over the years there have been (and still are) a lot of Royal Navy vehicles. But never before a book has been published that deals specifically with these vehicles. Just a few books worldwide give such a complete picture of a military unit as this book [naam] This makes it a very special book of historical importance! In the book you will find more than 1700 photographs of approximately 800 vehicles that have been used by the Royal Dutch Navy since 1945.

A large participant within the Royal Dutch Marine (KM) is the Marine Corps. This Corps has many special vehicles compared to the vehicles that served with the Royal Dutch Army (Koninkijke Nederlandse Landmacht). The Marine Corps has specific requirements because they operate on the borderline between land and water. Beside the Corps, the MLD (Marine Aviation Service) also has specific vehicles.

The book is mainly a photo journey through the years with descriptions of the vehicles and limited additional information. There are (minimal) technical data to give a complete picture of the types of vehicles that have served within the KM. The information is mostly not available on the internet or in other books.

The content pages are translated in English, in the book they are in Dutch.



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