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Future you, embrace the world as your playground

Ever wondered what it would take to write a book, travel the world, or start your own company? These would all be considered dreams for some, and daily activities for others. This book is organized into four parts: attitude, personality, vision, and realization. They dive into the most crucial aspects of living a purposeful life. The goal is to show you the right insights and experiences so you can get started. Read more

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Seeking Home in a Strange Land

Here is an exploration, unlike any before, of the fascinating, often poignant tension between the changing meanings of home and the experience of being the stranger in place and time amidst an era of Runaway change. Individuals share their intimate stories of family and Struggle, and through those personal narratives come insights about the global phenomena of migration and mobility

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Honor and partner violence among Hindustani in the Netherlands

This report is an exploratory study on how honor-based mechanisms and forced marriages relate to partner violence among Hindustani in the Netherlands.

The report starts with a description of the role honor-based beliefs and marriage play in the upbringing within Hindustani families. Subsequently, the authors discuss the support and hindrances mothers and youngsters experienced during partner violence, on termination of the relationship and after the violence ceased.

The study also explores … Read more

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Grey Ocean Strategy 2nd edition

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